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The hippie woman ran off with the scanner and by the time Gardner chased her down the street, it was too late. Jogging is that chapter of his lifestyle marked by his operating all the time for a thing or the other.

1st he would spot the hippie female once more and would operate right after her to retrieve the stolen scanner. Then following his wife Linda because of to getting unable to set up the stress of poor monetary condition still left him, he would be in sole cost of his son when together with working double shifts, he experienced to acquire treatment of his son.

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Internship is pay for essay reddit the commencing of adjust in Gardner ‘s daily life for the superior. In this aspect of everyday living, he would look for an interview at Dean Witter Reynolds in total matted state due to shelling out the preceding evening in jail and inspite of that he would get selected for internship without having payment for 6 months because of his wit and tenacity. Nevertheless the internship was highly aggressive with 20 interns battling for 1 occupation, he desired to give it a shot.

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Happiness is the ultimate part of the movie when immediately after months of heading as a result of arduous hardship of backbreaking double shifts, homelessness and insecurity, Gardner would be offered the career of a broker at Dean Witter Reynolds. Rubik’s Cube and the Scanner. The Rubik’s Cube performs a substantial job in the lifestyle of Gardner. While advertising a scanner, Gardner arrived throughout a guy named Jay Twistle who was a supervisor at Dean Witter Reynolds and through a brief experience in taxi he amazed him by resolving the puzzle of the cube which was no a lot less than a feat due to the fact fixing the puzzle required dexterity not everyone’s cup of tea. The person was speechless in awe and shock. It aided Gardner make an effect although getting the work later on at Dean Witter. The Rubik’s dice is a symbol of the pursuit of contentment.

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Rubik’s cube consists of a number of colored squares which want to be arranged in the exact row to clear up the puzzle, one particular color every single facet. Gardner’s lifestyle is an unsolved Rubik’s dice where by the squares of his lifetime are laid in haphazard purchase.

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He was trying to set the squares in fantastic semblance versus all odds. Just as the pursuit of pleasure is a perpetual wrestle the finish result of which is elusive to quite a few, same way fixing the Rubik puzzle is a constant work the conclusion consequence of which eludes many. The bone density scanner that is major and weighs about 40 kilos is a reflection of Gardner’s mounting responsibility on his shoulder. The scanner also represents the burden of challenges in his lifetime.

His point out of homelessness, his wife’s leaving him and his son on their own, the issue in offering the scanners, his incapacity to pay out parking tickets or taxi fare, his signing up for of an unpaid education plan are all reflected by his constant stress of carrying the scanner. Although functioning away from a cab driver simply because he couldn’t fork out the taxi fare, he misplaced one particular of his scanners in the subway station which he would later retrieve from a demented guy, but the scanner would be in ruined point out just like his ragged lifetime. Because he was not able to promote the destroyed scanner, he would provide his blood to deal with the broken bulb of the scanner and exact same way in order to cover the ravaged condition of his everyday living, he would wash and iron garments to appear ordinary in the road and in the company so that individuals failed to get to know about his shelling out nights in a shelter. Conclusion.

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