What do research proposals look like?

what it usually looks like is about about two to three pages of people’s I was saying I’m interested in the concept or I’ve become interested in what Graham’s she and Democratic communication is just drawing them 3:31 since I’m you were in that course but I haven’t read into Graham Chi and I don’t really know enough about it yet so I’m interested in doing a really big piece of research on that or it might be I’m really interested in understanding how the Woodward’s project is working with the dads honey site Women’s Center some people have done that kind of work and they go they do interviews or someone another research proposal was I really interested in how the media covered the the STV vote in the last provincial election and I’m going to both do a discourse analysis to look at some of the media coverage and I’m going to go and interview some of the people involved so we should you don’t have to but you have to have an idea of what your topic is and whether it’s going to be textual research or text or based or human subject based because if you’re going to be interested in human subject basis you want to interview people you know or do some kind of a you know participant observation or something like that you have to get ethics approval and usually the ethics approval it’s not onerous but it’s very time-consuming you often do you start the process at the beginning of your first five credit semester you don’t usually get the approval to the end of the semester right so you really have to have an idea of it so that you can start to get your ethics approval and then if and then by the time you get your ethics approval you’ve done your first you’ve done your first literature review on the topic and then you have the approval to go into the interviews if you’re just going to do a phenomenology or discourse analysis you don’t need to get ethics approval so you have to have enough of a sense of what you want to do so that you don’t set yourself up for you know timing problems later now having said that you know you can talk to who people you know supervisors or myself you know people that you’ve worked with their professors write about you know what’s possible you know would it make sense to do this how my day approached this and they they might come up with ideas you like

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